Living with Herpes

Learn How to Protect Your Partner From Herpes

It is a smart idea to disclose to your potential partners your infection of genital herpes. Even the use of a condom does not guarantee the prevention of spreading the disease since a condom may not be able to cover all the sores. Therefore, it is feasible for the infection to become active and then transmitted to a sexual partner even with the skin appearing completely normal.

These are a few tips to educate you to ensure you partner is protected:

1. Never have sex without the use of a latex condom

Once you are able to discover your status and you’ve confirmed it, you should be prepared to get back to start dating. The distinction that may exist here is that you need to treat the waters softly. It is usually recommended that you try as much as you can to have latex condoms with you at all ties. Both the men and ladies must be ready for anything. It is pleasant to tell your potential partner that you live with HSV 1 or HSV 2. Take as much time as is needed and become acquainted with the person as much as you can, and the moment you do start feeling comfortable enough, you can now move to the level of having a closer or intimate relationship, but ensure to discuss protected, great, and intimate sex.

2. Do not have sex when you feel any symptoms.

Try not to have sex while you feel any outbreak or if you feel you are about to experience an outbreak. Hold on till the sores are completely healed before continuing sexual activity.

3. Always use Valtrex every day to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

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