IHA Overview

The International Herpes Alliance (IHA) was primarily launched in December 1999 as a non-profit making organization offering support and information to those with genital herpes, those helping to manage the condition and national patient support groups around the world. The activities through which they hope to achieve this are varied and are detailed in this website. They include developing internationally relevant information about herpes that will be available free of charge via this website and can be adapted for regional use.

IHA Board

The IHA is managed by a board of individuals from diverse backgrounds including:

  • patients
  • herpes researchers
  • clinicians/health professionals
  • regional patient advocacy group leaders

The Board has international representation, with members from New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the USA.


The IHA gained charity status in the USA from 2015.

Many companies already support the work of the IHA and we are grateful to them, both for their generous donations as well as the joint campaigns we organize to promote awareness and understanding of herpes.

The IHA is happy to work with companies to achieve our mission and vision in a manner consistent with our values.

International Herpes Alliance

The International Herpes Alliance (IHA) is a global association of patient support organizations and health professionals that has three common goals:

  • achieve the best possible care for people with genital herpes
  • address the stigma by informing the general public about herpes, its prevalence, transmission, diagnosis and treatment
  • help reduce the rising trend in genital herpes infection worldwide by promoting the value of protection and prevention

The organization believes that people have the following rights:

  • an accurate and timely diagnosis
  • access to information that allows them to understand their condition, the treatment options available and techniques to reduce their risk of acquiring or transmitting herpes infection
  • support and counselling to help them come to terms with their condition
  • access to the treatment they require

The IHA and its affiliate organizations aim to communicate primarily with:

  • people with genital herpes
  • the general public
  • healthcare professionals – including those in training
  • public health decision makers