Does everyone have the same Herpes symptoms?

Everyone can’t suffer the same genital herpes symptoms – and only a few individuals infected may have the tendency never to experience a single attack. Nonetheless, it is still feasible for them to transmit or infect others. The infection is in all likelihood to be transmitted, especially when it is in its active state, with the presence of blisters. The start and end of the outbreak of such infection, and before the occurrence of the blisters changes to scabs, are the period when the virus is most infectious.

Since genital herpes influences the private areas, most individuals tend to imagine that the infection acts contrastingly on the both genders. Nonetheless, the symptoms of genital herpes are fundamentally the same as in males and females. The most imperative contrast is that the infection can bring about complexities in pregnant women who can also transmit or pass the virus to their young ones. Beside this, there is nothing like male or female genital herpes infection, the infection is brought about by a similar virus in both genders.