Is Herpes infection related to HIV?

Factually, Herpes and HIV do not occur from the same virus. Any patient infected with any of these viruses is possibly going to transmit any of these diseases to their partners. Also, patients who are infected with herpes tend to be more vulnerable to becoming infected with HIV. Moreover, people recently diagnosed to have herpes ought to be tested for the infection of HIV as well as related sexually transmitted diseases.

Due to the interaction between the HSV and the HIV, people who contract both HIV and HSV are likely to get a larger amount of HIV viral loads. Similarly, if the immune system of a person is suppressed by HIV, they have the tendency to probably and asymptomatically shed herpes simplex virus.

STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) that is the reason for open injuries on the privates, similar to syphilis, or herpes can develop the transmission of HIV. This is on the grounds that the open wounds make it simpler for the HIV infection to get into the body. Additionally, the moment you are infected, your immune system feels a kick, delivering a disease-fighting cell known as macrophages. For the HIV virus, it has the tendency to tie to these macrophages, which exist inside of the mucous membranes just like the anus or the vagina, and therefore, cross these membranes right into the circulatory system. If you are infected in your genital region, macrophages are particularly focused there, offering HIV more chances to go into your body.

Individuals who are infected with both HIV infection and Herpes infection are additionally more inclined to transmit their infection to their sexual partner. The activity or replication of the herpes virus inside of the body seems to expand the viral loads of HIV (meaning that, an increase which occurs with the presence of sexual fluids and HIV in the blood). Additionally, in light of the compromising effects of HIVs on the immune system, it can bring about long-lasting or even more severe herpes outbreaks. This can result in the increased transmission of HIV since transmission is more probable during the outbreaks of herpes. Now, to treat both the HIV and herpes infection may help reduce the danger of transmission occurrence of the two infections.